Final Projects

“Reimagining The Favela”

By Carissa Lim, Emily Siegel, and Monique Sager

Reimagining The Favela – Essay

Reimagining The Favela – Photo Essay

Reimagining the Favela – Catalog

“A Global Power in the Making: Development in Brazil, 1930-Present”

By Megan Bridges

A Global Power in the Making

“Globalization and Identity in Rio de Janeiro: The Lego Movie and Urban Planning”

By Paul Marett

Globalization and Identity in Rio de Janeiro

“Heterotopic Analysis of Rio de Janeiro”

By Sean Tuner and Natalia Revelo

Heterotopic Analysis of Rio de Janeiro

“Maracanã: Cathedral in Concrete, House of God(s)”

By Martina Merlo

Maracana: Cathedral of Concrete, House of God(s)

“Filling in the Blanks: Rethinking the Image and Role of Favelas in Rio de Janeiro”

By Lindsay Wong

Filling in the Blanks

“Sanitation in Rio de Janeiro: Come for the Beach, Leave for the Beach”

By Emma Schad

Sanitation In Rio


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